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Electronics and Communication Engineering

Student Association


The Association of Electronics and Communication Engineering (AECE) conducted  tutorial session for the Students of 12th Standard of the following Schools

  • St.Joseph's HSS Piravom      -   19/11/2015 & 20/11/2015
  • Fatima Matha HSS Piravom  -   21/11/2015

The topics was " Semiconductor Devices and Communication Systems " . The main intention was to share the knowledge and to aid the students in understanding practical applications of Electronics related topics .



AECE ( Association of Electronics and Communication Engineers) ACTIVITY - 2015

The activities of the Association of Electronics & Communication Engineering (AECE) for the academic year 2015-16, was inaugurated by Prof. Pradip Somasundaran, Playback Singer, Principal, Govt. College of Applied Science, Vadakkanchery on 09/10/2015 at 10 AM. It was followed by a workshop on "Science of Music" by the distinguished chief guest. The programme was coordinated by Asst. Prof Alex Mathew and Asst. Prof Megha Peter


AECE - 2015


The Mission of  AECE (Association of Electronics and Communication Engineers ) is to operate as a resource and catalyst for student's personal and professional development, by fostering a learning environment that empowers them to engage and participate in a diverse array of enriching opportunities. 


  • To understand the skill set of the membership and utilize it effectively for engaging the members in accomplishing the group's goals.
  • To establish mutually trustworthy and rewarding relationship with students, faculty and staffs.
  • To offer a fertile practice field for intellectual development by engaging in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • To groom and nurture the qualities of teamwork, leadership and bring out the innate talents of its members.
  • To provide for all supportive co-curricular training required by students to enhance their curricular performance and keep them fit for the industry by organizing workshops and guest lectures.
  • To work towards bridging the gap between the curriculum and the practice in industry.
  • To motivate the students to get updated and keep abreast with developments in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


  • Asst. Prof. ALEX MATHEW              (AECE Staff Coordinator)
  • Asst Prof. MEGHA PETER               (AECE Staff Coordinator)
  • SHALIN SHAJI (Chairman)                   -   S7 ECE
  • RASNA RAJU  (Secretary)                    -   S7 ECE
  • NEETHU SKARIA  (Joint Secretary)     -   S5 ECE
  • NITHIN PRAKASH  (Treasurer)            -   S5 ECE
  • JACOB                                                 -   S3 ECE
  • KAVYA                                                 -   S3 ECE
  • ASWIN                                                 -   S1 ECE
  • ATHULYA SHAJI                                 -   S1 ECE


A talk on Nanotechnology was conducted on 6/10/2015 in Seminar hall from 10 AM to 12.45 PM, as part of the ISF (IETE Students' Forum) activity for the year 2015. The talk was delivered by Dr. Anantharaman, Professor physics department ,CUSAT. The programme was coordinated by Asst. Prof V.P.Vinturaj & Asst. Prof Neethu Jo Vavachan. 




The ISF Officials with the elected executive members are as follows .

  • Asst. Prof.  V.P.VINTURAJ                        (ISF Staff Coordinator)
  • Asst. Prof . NEETHU JO VAVACAHAN     (ISF Staff Coordinator)
  • V.M.RAHUL  (Chairman)                                      -   S7 ECE
  • JYOTHY JAYAN  (Secretary)                                -   S7 ECE
  • ANUJARAJ  (Joint Secretary)                               -   S5 ECE
  • SANATH KUMAR P SAPRE  (Treasurer)              -   S5 ECE
  • BINSON BABU                                                      -   S3 ECE
  • RICHY ROY                                                          -   S3 ECE
  • ARUNA K R                                                          -   S1 ECE
  • AMAL BABU                                                            -  S1 ECE


An awareness programme on " IEEE Students Chapter " was conducted on 9/17/2015, under the guidance of Prof. Nitheesh Kurian. A highly informative talk was furnished on the same by Mr. Thomas Sabu, Membership Development Working Group Chair, IEEE.




A technical talk on " Application of Embedded Systems " was conducted on 20/08/2015. The talk was delivered by  Mr. Jossy Sebastian, Sr. Software Engineer BOTZ Embedded Solutions, Kaloor.


As Part of the association activity for the year 2015, ECE department organised a highly informative talk on " Sonar Signal Processing" . It was furnished by Dr. N. Suresh Kumar , Scientist (F), NPOL, DRDO on 11/2/2015, morning session.



To improve Leadership Qualities, Organization Skills, Team Work capability, Technical Skills etc of the Students the ECE Department has formed an Students Association known as “e-brains”. 


As part of the journey towards the targeted motto ”e-brain” conducted various programs within Techfest  “Illuminati 2013”  and “KingsTech 2014”  which includes        

  • Paper Presentation      
  • e-games
  • e-icon
  • Technical Quiz
  • e-idol
  • e-clinic
  • e-canvas
  • e-com'on
  • e-conserve                                      


ECE Association consist of all faculty members of the department as well as the students of the ECE branch. ECE Association known as "e-brains" was inaugrated on 20th October 2012 by Dr. V.P.Devassia, Assistant Director, IHRD & Principal Model Engineering College.  “e-brain” is a very active body which conducts various programs from time to time, there by feeding the Students with technical pool of knowledge. 


  • Prof. Alex Mathew ( Staff Co-ordinator , e-brains)
  • Jerin James ( Chairman, e-brains)
  • Amilu Saji ( Secretary, e-brains)


Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of science, technology, electronics, telecommunication and Information technology. The IETE unit known as “IETE Students Forum (ISF)” was inaugurated on 20th October 2012 along with “e-brains”. It paves way for the students to improve/update their technical knowledge and it also serves as a source of their personality development. ISF organised programs like talk on “Evolution of Cellular Networks” on 29/08/2013. It was delivered by Mr.Suresh Narayanan the Circle network Head, Reliance Communication .The talk was quite informative, enthusiastic and energyful.  Currently we have 123 Student members in ISF.                          



  • Alex Mathew (Staff Co-ordinator)
  • Jerin (Chairman )
  • Gargi (Secretary)

ISF 2016

The followings are the bearers for the year 2016-2017

  •  Staff coordinator - Neethu Jo Vavachan
  • Chairman - Charly Joseph
  • Vice Chairman - Sneha Kuriyakose
  • Secretary - Binson Babu
  • Joint Secretary - Krishna Suresh
  • Treasuree - Anu Treasa Paulose

Ex. Committee member

Eldhose Joy

Kevin Paul

Sreelakshmi S

Association of ECE Office bearers 2016-2017

  • Chairman - Arun Cheriyan
  • Vice Chairman -  Anu K Iype
  • Secretary - Samson sunny
  • Joint Secretary - Kavya Raj
  • Treasuree - Bhavya Lakshmi Vijayan

Ex. Committee Members

Sebin George

Katharin George T.J

Amarnath . M



Electronics and Communication Engineering


  • 25
    Symphonia 2017
    The College Arts Fest Symphonia –2017 was Inaugurated by famous stand up comedian, Mr. Ramesh Pisharody. The College arts fest has been hosted on 25th March 2017.
  • 23
    Aavishkar 2017
    Tech Fest 2017 "AAVISHKAR- 17" was inaugurated on 23th March 2017 at 10:00 AM.Chief Guest on the occasion was Sri.John Mathew M, GM(Works), HNL Kottayam.
  • 7
    Additional Skill Acquisition Training Programme to higher secondary students Inauguration
    Automotive Machining course as a joint initiative of higher education department and general education department,Govt. of Kerala through PCFCT,inaugurated by sri. P.V Thomas chairman,NECT.   Click here for photos >>

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